Pierre-Andre Michaud

Honorary professor, Faculty of Biology & Medicine, University of Lausanne

P-A Michaud, is honorary professor in adolescent medicine and health of the faculty of biology & medicine of Lausanne, Switzerland. Trained as a general practitioner and fellow in adolescent Medicine, he is the founder of a Swiss university-based research group on adolescent health and his research has focused on the epidemiology of health and lifestyles of adolescents, including areas such as mental health and suicide, eating disorders, substance use, sexual & reproductive health, school health, youth friendly health services and ethics; he is the authors of ~ 170 peer-reviewed publications and ~30 chapters of book. In 1998, he was appointed as the first director of the Multidisciplinary Unit for Adolescent Health at the University hospital of Lausanne, a unit that is, since 2012, a collaborative centre of the World Health Organization. He served as the vice dean for medical education in his faculty for seven years. He is the founder of Euteach (European Training in Effective Adolescent Care and Health; www.euteach.com), a teaching program specialized in these domains. Since 2014, P-A Michaud works as an independent consultant in school & adolescent health and in medical education and is heavily involved in organizing and delivering training sessions on an international scale. In addition, he is currently the vice president of the Commission for ethics in biomedical research of the canton of Vaud.