Zachi Grossman

Adelson School of Medicine, Ariel University, Ariel, Israel; Maccabi Healthcare Services, Tel Aviv

Prof. Zachi Grossman is a primary care pediatrician. He has graduated Hadassah medical school in Jerusalem in 1982, and his pediatric residency in Hadassah Hospital in Tel Aviv in 1991. Prof. Grossman established IPROS, the Israel Pediatric Research in Office Setting Network in 1995 and is currently the director of the Network.

Prof. Grossman was president of the Israel Ambulatory Pediatric Association, and today he is the President of the Israel Pediatric Association.

Prof. Grossman has published more than 60 papers in international peer reviewed journals and chaired various Israeli guideline committees on the following issues: acute otitis media, community acquired pneumonia, urinary tract infection, obesity. He is a member of the national council for pediatrics and child health. Prof. Grossman is currently the scientific director of the European Pediatric Research in Ambulatory Setting Network affiliated with the European Academy of Pediatrics.