Scientific Programme

EAP 2024 Scientific Programme

Overview of the Lecture Titles:

New vaccines and schedules to prevent pneumococcus

Meningococcus: How best to prevent a moving target?

We are much closer to RSV prevention

It is time to put an end to varicella

The many faces of Streptococcus pyogenes infection in children

Another pharyngitis… and now?

Rash: Is it an infection? Is it allergy?

The febrile neonate – tips to a successful lumbar puncture

Antibiotics for common infections – as long as necessary, as short as possible

Antenatal Hydronephrosis. What is the current treatment

Update on Down-syndrome

A challenging case of pneumonia

Fever and convulsions in a neonate

A challenging case of severe pneumonia

Recurrent skin infections in a child

An atypical pleural effusion

Beyond the rash

When the eye is the clue

When the LP doesn´t help

and more…


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