Lilly Verhagen

Committee Member

Lilly (1984) is as a paediatrician / fellow paediatric infectious diseases and clinician scientist. She is currently based in The Netherlands (Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital, University Medical Center Utrecht) and previously held positions as a clinician scientist in, among others, Tanzania (2008), Venezuela (2009 – 2013), and South Africa (2020). Her translational research on host-pathogen interactions in global paediatric risk groups for respiratory tract infections (RTIs) was the cornerstone of her Cum Laude research doctorate in 2014. Since the completion of her PhD, her research scope has specifically focused on the mucosal immune system of the respiratory tract. Uniquely, she was awarded several personal grants, which enabled her to combine her paediatric residency (2014 – 2020) with postdoctoral research projects. Additional funding led to the initiation of multiple translational studies in The Netherlands and abroad to decipher host mucosal immunological factors defining susceptibility to RTIs in vulnerable children. Parallel to her clinical and research training, she completed a MSc in Clinical Epidemiology in 2019.

As a Board / Scientific Committee member of the European and World Societies for Paediatric Infectious Diseases (ESPID and WSPID), she has been involved in the organization of conferences, guideline development and (online) educational activities. Further, she founded ‘Young WSPID’ in November 2019 (, a group of under-40s that aims to create a global network for exchange of knowledge in paediatric infectious diseases with a particular aspiration to support mentorship for young professionals. At the national level, she has been involved in the development of teaching curricula for young clinician scientists as a board member of TULIPS (Training Upcoming Leaders in Paediatric Science, since December 2016.