Laila van der Heijden

on behalf of the Dutch junior doctors

Laila van der Heijden is a fourth year paediatric resident in The Netherlands. After graduation from medical school in 2012, Laila started working as a paediatric resident at Hospital Gelderse Vallei in Ede, the Netherlands. In 2013 she commenced on her PhD studies as an external PhD student at the Division of Human Nutrition and Health, Wageningen University. As a PhD student, Laila attended several national and international conferences. Additionally, she was involved in the supervision of bachelor and master students from Wageningen University and Utrecht University. Parallel to her PhD research, which resulted in a PhD degree in 2019, Laila started her specialist training in paediatrics at the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital, University Medical Center in Utrecht, the Netherlands in 2015. The first part of her paediatric training she worked at St. Antonius Hospital in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands. Since 2016 Laila has been a member of the board of the Dutch Paediatric Society (NVK), and the president of the board representing all paediatric residents in the Netherlands. Additionally, she is involved in several other committees of the Dutch Paediatric Society, including the council for paediatric training and education. Moreover, she has been one of the Dutch representatives in Young EAP.