Károly Illy

Congress Chair

Dr. Károly Illy is a general paediatrician from the Netherlands. He studied med school at the University of Amsterdam and specialized in paediatrics at the University of Utrecht. At the moment he is working in a general hospital in Tiel in The Netherlands. In this hospital he is, apart from a general paediatrician, also the medical patient safety officer.

Dr. Illy is a board member of the Dutch Paediatric Society since 2012. Since 2016 he is the president of this Society. Also, since 2016 he is member of the Executive Council of the European Academy of Paediatrics, as chair of the secondary care paediatrics.

In the Netherlands he is a known specialist in communication techniques, among which giving feedback (both in educational situations and among colleagues). He runs an organization that specializes in training medical specialists, residents and students in communication skills.