Chris de Kruiff

on behalf of the Dutch Paediatric Society

In the past 20 years I have been working as medical head of the outpatient clinic for children of the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam (AMC), and now of the Amsterdam UMC (AMC allied with the Free University Medical Centre (VUMC). I have been involved in a hospital care improvement project for disabled patients and was a member of the child abuse team for several years.
I made 5 national guidelines for the most common acute problems on the ER (asthma, bronciolitis, laryngitis, dehydration and epilepsy) and like to be involved in emergency medicine care.
Currently I am working on applying nitrous oxide again as procedural sedation in children during small (although sometimes for kids – scary) procedures. Additionally, I am a member of the palliative team for children. Additional to the hospital work, I conducted quality assessments in Dutch hospitals for several years and I participated in the editorial board of the refresher training course magazine for paediatricians (“Practical Pediatrics”) for the Evidence Based Medicine section.
The past 3 years I have been the chairman of the national pediatric congress in the Netherlands and I’m looking look forward to the European conference in Amsterdam!